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***** Men's haircut choices are limited in SD.  At one end of the "haircut spectrum", we have barbers who are adept with clippers but don't often use them with style & flare.  The other end would be stylists who see a minority of men since they often specialize in high-end coloring treatments and other services typically enjoyed by women.  I consider Envy a "men's stylist".  She is great with clippers, understands mens styles, and is reasonably priced. 


***** Had been going to my previous stylist for 15 years, once I got my haircut by Envy I made the switch to her. She really takes her time when cutting your hair. I consider myself a perfectionist when it comes to my hair and envy really cares enough to get every hair just right. She does a solid job. I have recommended her to all my family members and friends.
Good Prices, doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get your haircut. No more walk ins, just go to Envy!


***** Envy is an artist!!! She not only cuts my hair, but she trims my beard with an amazingly steady hand. Envy has become the family groomer... She cut's my wife, daughter and my mom's hair too. She's not only great with a pair of scissors and clippers... she does an amazing job on my wife's coloring as well. I'd refer Envy L'Homme to anyone who wants a great hair style with a personal touch!!!


***** My daughter and I have been going to Envy for over a year now. We both LOVE her! I have wavy/curly hair and it's difficult to find someone who knows how to cut it. She cuts it perfect every time and she's awesome with color! Her prices are very reasonable and she is very sweet and fun to talk to. I also love that she doesn't try to pressure me into buying product. You can tell Envy truly enjoys styling hair. I highly recommend!!!